Volunteering Abroad, Now Easier and Cheaper

Probably it has been your long term heart desire to make a mark in someone’s life. You feel fulfilled when you help someone with their problem whether small or big. You feel joy in your heart when you help the old cross the road, help children tie their shoe laces. You feel even greater when you help people in villages where food is scarce and things like those. The best way to make an impact in people’s lives is to volunteer. It even becomes better if you volunteer abroad in countries that have bigger needs.

volunteer abroad

Though you strongly feel the need to volunteer abroad, you do not know where there is need for what you are offering. In the continent of Asia there are many countries where you can have the opportunity to change lives.  These include China, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and Fiji. Each of these offers a good opportunity for you to gain experience in this field. However for you gain access to a number of things such as accommodation, itinerary among others; you need to get an organisation that will help you out.

Such organisations charge a little fee depending on what you need. This fee covers your application and placement. Placement will include your arrival transfer, meals, accommodation, coordination while on the ground, permits from local authorities, orientation and supervision. However you could be required to cater for other fees such as air ticket, insurance, vaccination, language training, among other things as need would arise. These vary depending on your destination.

If you choose to go to Indonesia, you can volunteer in Bali. Indonesia as a country still has a large population of its citizens stricken by hunger and poverty. This offers you a great opportunity to help in terms of food programs. You get to pay according to how long you plan to stay which ranges from one week to three months. You either get to choose between standard placement and special placement.

Cambodia is rated as one of the poorest countries in the world due to its many years of war. As a volunteer Cambodia offers a great opportunity for you to work in places such as hospitals, rural areas and orphanages. Just like Bali here also you get to choose between two options of placements: specialty and standard.

In some places things are a bit different for example, for a volunteer India offers three types of placement these all vary depending on what you can afford.  Bodhgaya, standard and specialty. All these you can get for a period starting from one week to three months.

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, you need not worry. Involvement Volunteers International has it all at your disposal. With 25 years of experience, you are guaranteed trust and peace of mind when you are going to a foreign country. To ensure that your stay is affordable and enjoyable, IVI offers you the best rates that you cannot find elsewhere. You can place your application physically in the office in Diamond Creek, Victoria 3089, Australia or go for the simpler online application for a great opportunity to volunteer abroad.

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