How to Make Sure You Have Enough Food at an Event?

Once you have finalized the number of guests coming to your event, how do you ensure that your food is enough to satisfy them all? This is a difficult task that only expert catering companies Melbourne has today can determine. This is an important question to consider that sadly a lot of new caterers fail to consider.

It is easy to get overwhelmed; a caterer can be so focused on trying to perfect the dish that they fail to consider the size of the catering job. This is something that you should avoid altogether and save yourself the embarrassment of having to leave a few of your guests with less food choices on their table.

Efficient planning and preparation can save you from embarrassment. The best catering company Melbourne has to offer should be equipped to understand the value of balancing quality and quantity of food. It is not enough that you have adequate amount of food but you have to satisfy the guests too, and vice versa. This is a common scenario in a corporate catering service wherein the number of guests can easily reach up to 300-500 range.
When estimating food to be served at an event, it is important to straddle on the safe side. Some people will eat more while others won’t eat much. You should therefore, strive for balance when estimating consumption for every person in the event. It is better to exceed the food selection than for you to run out at an event. At the same time, you cannot prepare too much food as it will also mean a complete waste on the budget.
When catering in Melbourne, you have to take these general considerations into mind:
Appetizers: For pre-dinner appetizers, you need to allot 3 to 5 pieces each per person. Keep the food options light as dinner will follow thereafter. When serving appetizers buffet style, you need to estimate higher as people tend to get more food options whenever they can.
Beverages: Drinks are one of the fastest items to be consumed during a catering function. Unless you have specified one glass of beverage each for every guest, then you need to allot extra servings of beverage. To be on the safe side, catering companies Melbourne has may allot up to 3 glasses per person. Make sure to serve a glass of water on top of the beverages you have to serve at the event.
Main course: Choose a main entrée with up to 5 or 7 ounces serving and a couple of side dishes. You can also offer a salad or soup on top of your side dishes, but it will vary according to the dish served as main course. When serving bread or soup, though, keep the portions small.
Dessert: If you are offering buffet style dessert, then you can estimate 3 to 5 portions per person. If there is a large variety of a dessert option, then keep your portions small for each serving as you are likely to prepare more of each.
Make sure to keep these tips in mind when you choose a catering company. The best catering companies Melbourne has today will have experience and expertise to understand the challenges of catering for a big event. Thus, take time to look for the right company that will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your guests will be served at the event.

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