Bangkok Boutique Hotel Amenities that Attract and Retain Customers

A boutique hotel in Bangkok with good service is more than just having friendly staff. Take note of these amenities that a boutique hotel must have to attract, and eventually, retain loyal customers throughout its existence.

elA Child-Friendly Family Vacation Room

A boutique hotel in Bangkok with good service needs to have amenities that captivate guests to keep coming back for more.A boutique hotel that aims to expand its clientele base needs to be flexible in delivering its services. A child-friendly family vacation room in a boutique hotel is the place where families vacationing with small kids can enjoy a time out in an out-of-town or overseas trip. This room has sizable places for children to play in and satellite and cable TV that’ll cater to your kids’ fancy for entertainment. The romantic ambiance for couples is also retained within the premises of this room, thanks to the presence of a mini bar, multiple choices of movie channels and a cozy bed for two people.

An Intimate and Elegant Mini Lobby Lounge

An intimate and elegant mini lobby lounge gets couples to feel romance all evening long over a hearty meal. Tasty dinner meals for couples over a warm setting abound at a boutique hotel’s lobby lounge. Meals come in the form of various global cuisines in most boutique hotels, namely, Asian and European dishes. Take your pick among many food choices while enjoying the company of your significant other.  Be those couples that exchange laughter and fun conversations while indulging in the relaxing and inviting ambiance of the boutique hotel’s lobby premises.

A Movie Theater in a Boutique Hotel

A boutique hotel in Bangkok with good service provides useful and entertaining facilities that make vacations worthwhile and productive.View your favorite movie in a theater at a boutique hotel as you please. You won’t have to leave the premises of a boutique hotel to see your favorite film in a theater-like environment.

Play Billiards While on a Vacation

Playing billiards while on a vacation has never been made easier. A boutique hotel with a billiard playing area attracts long-term vacationers who seek varying entertainment facilities to keep boredom away for weeks, or even months to come.

Aerobic Rooms for Guests Who’d Like to Keep Fit

Aerobic rooms are among the first things guests look for when choosing a boutique hotel to stay in. These guests give number one priority to retaining their healthy physique, even while away on a vacation. They just simply won’t take it if their health’s good condition dwindles while out and about on a leisure vacation!

A Boutique Hotel Near Shopping Malls and Attractions

Vacationers who frequent boutique hotels are frequent shoppers and sightseers. A boutique hotel situated nearby shopping malls and tourist attractions attracts every potential guest to their lodging facilities. If a lodging facility is not located within easy reach from these landmarks, it will not likely acquire as much customers as it would have expect to do so.

 Live life to the fullest and appreciate the small things in life that matter a lot. These amenities and more found at a boutique hotel should make your stay in Bangkok one of the most memorable experiences in life.


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